The Ultimate Guide to Palm Springs Golf Course Communities

Jan 24, 2022 Valerie Roca

California’s Greater Palm Springs area is home to approximately 120 golf courses. Real estate across the Coachella Valley includes golf communities with single family homes for sale, golf course condominiums, and a variety of private golf and country club memberships.  

For those looking to call the Greater Palm Springs area home, the search for the best golf course community can raise many questions:

  • Are all golf communities also gated communities as well?
  • Are all golf communities in the Palm Springs area similar?
  • Are all golf communities also private country clubs?
  • How much do different golf community memberships cost?

This real estate guide explains the differences between golf communities, subdivisions, neighborhoods, and country clubs across the Coachella Valley—from Palm Springs to Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, and all points in between—so you can find the best golf course homes in California.

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What are the Different Types of Golf Course Communities?

There are two main categories of golf course communities:

  1. Gated golf course communities – Homeowners have access to a public or private golf course within a gated community. If a golf course is not private, it could have affiliations with hotel resorts or additional HOAs.

    Bundled golf communities are a type of gated community in which a golf membership is required. The golf membership is usually “bundled” with additional amenities such as dining, fitness, tennis, and social membership perks.

  2. Non-associated – Houses for sale on a golf course or adjacent, but managed by an entirely separate entity.    


Are All Golf Communities in the Palm Springs Area Similar?

Each of the nine cities in Greater Palm Springs has its own feel. Palm Desert and La Quinta have particularly expensive golf course real estate for sale. Indian Wells has exclusive and semi-public resort golf community options. Rancho Mirage is quieter and has more traditional golf communities and country clubs. 

Compare country clubs in the Greater Palm Springs area.


Are All of the Golf Communities in the Palm Springs Area Also Private Country Clubs?

No. Although private country clubs provide exclusive access to desirable golf communities, golf communities can exist outside of private country clubs. Private country club memberships typically include a host of services and amenities in addition to golf, while other golf communities will often have more limited options. Also, not all private country clubs have homes. Golf and other amenities may be comparable to those of private golf club communities, but all members will live outside the gates.

Questions to ask about golf and country club memberships.


Who Can Play at Gated Golf Course Communities?

In the Coachella Valley, it’s possible to live outside of a gated community and still have access to its golf course. Private country clubs often offer golf memberships to non-residents as well. Some country clubs even have golf courses that are open to hotels, condominiums, or the general public.

While it’s possible to live outside of a gated community and still golf there, you might have to work harder to connect with fellow golfers as a non-resident. You’ll also forego other benefits of the gated community, like convenient access to landscaping services, pool maintenance, and private security. Whether you’re in search of the perfect lifestyle—with amenities, friends, and golf all just outside your door—or just looking to enjoy regular play at a nearby course, gated golf communities in the Palm Springs area may be the right fit.


Private, semi-private, and public golf courses

The conditions of private golf courses are far superior to public or semi-private golf courses in the Palm Springs area. Private golf courses are typically more accessible as well. For example, accessing tee times is easier and there is a faster pace of play (no 5-to-6-hour rounds). Other perks of private country club courses include lessons with PGA professionals, top-notch short game areas, luxurious clubhouse and locker room facilities, and a host of additional amenities, such as tennis, pickleball, fitness and dining.  

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Understanding the Cost of Golf Course Homes for Sale

The value of real estate for golf course homes can be influenced by several factors:

  • Amenities – Top quality amenities and services will increase home prices.
  • Construction – The year of construction and the last renovation will affect the cost of houses for sale on a golf course. The size of the house matters as well (larger country homes in Mission Hills, compared to boutique-style homes for sale at Morningside or The Springs, for example).

  • Country club reputation – A well-established country club with a long history and waiting list will often have golf course homes for sale at a higher price than homes at lesser-known country clubs in the Palm Springs area.

  • Views – Desirable views of the magnificent desert landscape, or scenery that includes ponds or other water features can increase the cost of golf course houses for sale.


Joining a Golf Community in Greater Palm Springs, CA

Narrowing down the best golf course communities in the Greater Palm Springs area should feel as natural as your swing. It’s a personal choice. All you need is the right information to help determine the best fit for your needs. 

At The Springs, we’ve been helping golfers and non-golfers alike to find their perfect desert lifestyle for over 50 years. Whether you’re in the market for a private golf and country club home, or just a home with local access to a great course, our Membership Discovery Guide is the best place to start your search for the right golf course community in the Palm Springs area.




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