The Ultimate Guide to Living in Rancho Mirage, CA

Oct 31, 2021 Jennifer Kovalenko

Rancho Mirage is nestled at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains in the heart of Coachella Valley. With a local history consisting of past presidents and high-profile celebrities, Rancho Mirage, otherwise known as “The Playground of Presidents,” has a secluded, small-town feel while providing quick access to metropolitan areas, wine country, numerous parks, and a plethora of fun local things to do.


What’s Living in Rancho Mirage Like?

Living in Rancho Mirage can be as relaxing or fast-paced as you’d like it to be. The cooler morning weather and beautiful, soft sunrises make waking up easy. Bikers can be found enjoying the year-round dry climate, pedaling on scenic roads designed with bike safety in mind.

Rancho Mirage is said to have some of the most well-kept roads and natural greenery in all of Coachella Valley. Traffic is moderate in the winter – at least by local standards – in sharp contrast to the rest of California. Best of all, country clubs in Rancho Mirage are conveniently located near high end retailers and luxury mall shopping.

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Nearby Points of Interest in Rancho Mirage, CA

With nearby access to I-10, Highway 111, and downtown Palm Springs, you’ll find every moment spent living in Rancho Mirage to be an absolute delight. 

Fun Things to Do:

  • El Paseo Shopping District: 12 minutes (6 miles)
  • Rancho Mirage Observatory: 7 minutes (2½ miles N)
  • The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens: 17 minutes (8 miles SE)
  • Downtown Palm Springs: 20 minutes (10 miles SE)
  •  Palm Springs Aerial Tramway: 30 minutes (17 miles NW)
  •  Coachella & Stagecoach Music Festivals: 30 minutes (18 miles SE)



  • Interstate 10: 10 minutes (5 miles N)
  • Highway 111: 5 minutes (1½ miles SW)
  • Palm Springs International Airport: 15 minutes (8 miles NE)



  • Town Square Park: 7 minutes (3 miles E)
  • Joshua Tree National Park: 10 minutes (4 miles S)
  • Freedom Park: 15 minutes (7 miles E)
  • Coachella National Wildlife Refuge: 20 minutes (10 miles NE)



  • Rancho Mirage Marketplace: 8 minutes (2 miles N)
  •  Mission Plaza: 8 minutes (3 miles NW)
  • Plaza de Monterey: 8 minutes (3 miles SE)
  • The River Shopping Mall: 8 minutes (3 miles S)
  •  A dozen grocery stores within 10 minutes (Gelson’s, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and more)


Luxury Spas:

  • GZ Spa: 7 minutes (3 miles E)
  • Pink Spa & Tanning: 7 minutes (3 miles S)
  • Spa at Omni Rancho Las Palmas: 7 minutes (3 miles SE)
  • Sunstone Spa: 10 minutes (4 miles N)
  • Many more!


Places to Eat (Fine Dining):

  • “Restaurant Row”: 8 minutes (3 miles S)
  • Shame On The Moon Restaurant: 5 minutes (2 miles W)
  • Catalan Mediterranean: 5 minutes (2 miles W)
  • The Edge Steakhouse 7 minutes (3 miles W)
  • bluEmber: 7 minutes (3 miles SE)
  • La Spiga: 10 minutes (4 miles SE)
  • Cuistot: 10 minutes (4 miles SE)
  • The Steakhouse Rancho Mirage: 10 minutes (4 miles N)
  • Much more!

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World-Class Wineries:

  • Jamala Wines: 20 minutes (10 miles NW)
  • Middle Ridge Winery: 1 hour (45 miles W)
  • Temecula Hills Winery: 1½ hours (60 miles SW)



  • Children’s Discovery Museum: 8 minutes (4 miles N)
  • Palm Springs Art Museum: 10 minutes (4 miles S)
  • Historical Society of Palm Desert: 10 minutes (5 miles SE)
  • Much more!


Luxury Auto Dealerships:

  • Rolls Royce: 5 minutes (2 miles S)
  • Ferrari: 5 minutes (3 miles S)
  • Enterprise Exotic Car Collection: 8 minutes (4 miles W)



  • Rancho Mirage Elementary: 10 minutes (3 miles S)
  • Palm Valley School: 10 minutes (3 miles NW)
  • Amundsen High School: 8 minutes (3 miles N)
  • Nellie N. Coffman Middle School: 10 minutes (4 miles NW)
  • Mayfield College: 8 minutes (3 miles NW)
  • Many others!



  • Eisenhower Hospital: 5 minutes (1½ miles E)
  • Mirage Medical Group: 5 minutes (2½ miles W)
  • Cathedral Medical Clinic: 12 minutes (5 miles SW)


City Data: Rancho Mirage Size and Population

With a population of a little over 18,000 inhabiting 25 square miles, Rancho Mirage is the third smallest city in Coachella Valley in size, and the second smallest city in population.

When compared to the nine other cities in Coachella Valley . . .

  • Rancho Mirage is a bit smaller than Coachella and 2.5 times less populated.
  • Rancho Mirage is a bit smaller than Desert Hot Springs and 1.5 times less populated.
  • Rancho Mirage is almost the same size as Palm Desert and has a third of the population.
  • Rancho Mirage is three times smaller than Palm Springs and 2½ times less populated.
  • Rancho Mirage is 32% smaller than Indio and five times less populated.
  • Rancho Mirage is 40% smaller than La Quinta and about half the population.
  • Rancho Mirage is 66% bigger than Indian Wells and has triple the population.
  • Rancho Mirage 13% bigger than Cathedral City, and less than half the population.


Cost of Living in Rancho Mirage

The cost of living in Rancho Mirage, like all Coachella Valley cities, is higher than the average cost of living in most of the USA.

  • A beauty salon appointment costs $64.57 on average in Rancho Mirage, 65% higher than the national average of $18.62.
  • A movie costs $14.42 on average in Rancho Mirage, 35% more than the national average of $10.68.
  • Electricity costs average $247.56 per month in Rancho Mirage, about 47% more than the national average of $167.67 per month.


What is Living in Rancho Mirage Like Compared to Other Coachella Valley Cities?

Living in Rancho Mirage is more peaceful than all of the other Coachella Valley cities. There are more country clubs in Rancho Mirage than there are in Indio or Cathedral City, which are mostly single houses and gated communities, but there is a higher concentration of country clubs in La Quinta than anywhere else (along with twice the population as Rancho Mirage). 

Indian Wells and Rancho Mirage have the highest per-capita incomes and the smallest populations, but Rancho Mirage has better shopping and entertainment. Palm Springs has a younger population than Rancho Mirage, but more traffic due to a larger population, and the nightlife can be noisy. Compared to Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage has significantly larger business and finance sectors, and more private healthcare practitioners within a smaller local population, making Rancho Mirage a better place for retirees overall. 

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Summer Life in Rancho Mirage, CA

While the desert is an undeniably beautiful place in the winter, summers can take some getting used to – especially if you are from someplace colder like Canada. In summer, temperatures over 100°F are not uncommon.

In the summer, be prepared to have dinner early because everything local closes by 8pm at the very latest. There are plenty of additional options in the nearby metropolitan areas. Otherwise, it’s time to enjoy the quiet!


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