It's all about healthy choices.

Staying fit is easy at the private club community that fits you.

Everyone’s path to health and wellness is different. But the fewer the options, the harder it is to find the right routine. At The Springs, members choose how they want to keep fit. A host of amenities and offerings make a healthy, active lifestyle seem effortless.

Fitness at The Springs Country Club in Rancho Mirage

There's an option for you.

Whether you’re looking for one-on-one help from a personal trainer or a social group fitness environment — you’ve got it. Whether you’re into water aerobics, weight training, pilates, yoga, barre, core fusion, spin class, or just a relaxing spa session — you’ve got that too. Stick with your favorites or try something new. Here, the choice is always yours.

Everything you need to live well and stay fit.

At other private clubs, fitness can be an afterthought. But here at The Springs, we know it’s one of our members’ top priorities — so it’s ours too. Your clean, updated fitness center always has all the latest equipment you need to stay fit. And if we’re missing something — all you need to do is ask.

The Gym at The Springs Country Club in Rancho Mirage

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“The Springs Fitness Center is cleaner than any I’ve been in, and the staff is as knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful as any I’ve seen.”

Marvin Morgenstein


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