Rancho Mirage Country Clubs: How to Plan the Perfect Tour

Feb 07, 2022 Valerie Roca

For many, the ideal country club experience is defined by the perfect balance of community life, peace and quiet, and designer golf courses stretching across beautiful desert landscapes. With all of those qualities and more, it’s no wonder Rancho Mirage stands out as the prime location among those considering country clubs in the Coachella Valley. After researching Rancho Mirage country clubs and houses for sale online, however, the next step is to visit clubs in person to determine which private golf community is the right fit. With so many similar offerings, it’s not easy.

Common questions when planning to visit country clubs in Rancho Mirage:

  • Are all country club tours in the Coachella Valley the same?
  • When is the best time of year to tour a country club?
  • How many clubs can I visit in a weekend?
  • What questions should I ask a country club before joining?
  • What guest rules should I follow when visiting?

In this article, we’ll answer all of these questions and more, so you can get the most out of your visit by experiencing the amenities, meeting members, touring the best homes for sale, and asking the right questions. Your search for the best country club home in Rancho Mirage starts here. 

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What is the Process for Visiting a Country Club?

Every country club is different, but the first step is often a call with a club’s membership director. If all goes well, the next step is a club tour. Here, you might play a round of golf, enjoy a dining experience, participate in a social event, or explore other amenities. It’s an opportunity to tailor an introduction to the club offerings that matter most to you. It is also an opportunity for the club to gauge your level of interest. For all parties, it’s a big step toward determining a mutual fit.

A country club caters to interests of all kinds, so speak candidly during this process. Maybe you like pickleball more than golf, or maybe you don’t play golf at all – don’t be afraid to mention this. Try asking these questions when joining a country club to see if membership programs are right for you.


Are Country Club Tours in Rancho Mirage All the Same?

Most country club membership directors will have a standard itinerary that can be modified to your specific needs. Be sure to ask about experiencing the amenities you’re most interested in, as well as those of a spouse or other family members.

You’ll also want to ensure those amenities are available during your visit. A membership director will help schedule your visit around golf tournaments, seasonal closures, planned maintenance, or other activities that might restrict access.

You can request to attend specific events like themed dinners, or choose to visit on an “average” day to get a better feel for everyday social life. Ask if there is a mixer event for new members coming up soon. Try to avoid events where members make their own tables, closed golf games, and commemorative parties as these events can be more difficult for non-residents to connect with members in a private golf community.


When is the Best Time of Year to Visit a Country Club in Rancho Mirage?

In general, the best time of year to visit a country club in Rancho Mirage is from November to April—peak season. You’ll experience the best weather, the most active social calendar, and prime golf course conditions. Many courses are closed in October for annual maintenance and seasonal residents often return to their other homes during the summer months.

Weekends are a popular time for country club visits, and membership directors are used to working around them. Planning in advance is always a good idea, as it’s often difficult to schedule more than a basic tour on weekends. If a round of golf, dinner reservations, or access to other amenities is high on your list, be sure to mention it when coordinating your visit with a membership director. 


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Touring Country Club Homes for Sale in Rancho Mirage

When visiting a country club, the membership director will be responsible for your introduction to amenities, facilities, members, and staff. If you’re also ready to tour houses for sale, plan to engage a local realtor. Many of the country clubs in Rancho Mirage have developed partnerships with real estate agents in the Palm Springs area and can provide helpful recommendations.  


How Many Rancho Mirage Country Clubs Should You Visit in a Weekend?

Planning multiple country club tours in a single weekend can be an efficient use of time, especially if you’re visiting from out of town. It’s always better to have a visit reserved and later cancel than to miss the opportunity entirely due to short notice, especially if the country club has a long waiting list.

With that said, there is no set number of country clubs that you should fit into a single weekend. Prioritize them by interest and spend more time touring the country clubs you think you will like the most. Just keep in mind that country clubs may have an initial meeting requirement before scheduling a tour, and that you may have to visit a second time with a realtor to look at houses for sale.


More Tips for Assessing Country Clubs and Homes for Sale in Rancho Mirage

  • Get information ahead of time
  • Keep extensive notes
  • Sports players should look for:
    • Open play for tennis and pickleball
    • Pickup games for golf
  • Ask about niche activities and clubs
  • Consider homes located on different parts of the golf course

More tips for assessing golf course real estate for sale.


Make Finding a Golf and Country Club Easier

The perfect lifestyle awaits, with beautiful golf course homes in Rancho Mirage and country club memberships with so much to offer. Making the right choice, however, can be difficult. To find a golf and country club that fits all of your needs, be prepared to research online, ask lots of questions, and visit several clubs in person. The best place to start? Get your free copy of The Springs’ Membership Discovery Guide. With much more than membership details, it’s the ultimate guide to choosing the best country club membership in Rancho Mirage and across the Coachella Valley.




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