How Much Do Country Club Homes in Rancho Mirage Cost?

Mar 02, 2022 Valerie Roca

As a first-timer looking at country club homes for sale in Rancho Mirage, you probably have a lot of questions to ask. What is the price range of homes for sale in Rancho Mirage? Are country club homes more expensive than other houses for sale? If so, what are the other associated costs?

In this article, we’ll cover pricing and other real estate questions that are most common when buying golf properties in Rancho Mirage. You’ll learn how to confidently compare homes, discover key details about golf communities, and assess the true value and costs of a country club home in Rancho Mirage.

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What is the Cost of Country Club Homes for Sale in Rancho Mirage?

In Rancho Mirage, country club homes are typically offered for sale between $139,000-$4,000,000. Naturally, a variety of factors come into play, including home size and club reputation, but the growing popularity of this small desert community plays a major role as well. 

Real estate trends show a high demand for housing in Rancho Mirage with only a small number of new homes being built every year. This limited inventory translates into a competitive market for both private country club homes and houses for sale in non-gated golf communities.

The biggest difference between private country club homes and other homes in Rancho Mirage, however, is the additional cost of membership fees in the former.


Membership Costs for Private Golf Course Homes in Rancho Mirage

Private country club communities can offer a wide variety of membership options for residents. Different country clubs may have specific membership requirements—such as a golf membership or a social membership—in order to live on the golf course. Additionally, membership types will often have different levels for singles, couples, and families. An important step in your home search will be learning about country club memberships in Rancho Mirage.


Golf Course Home Ownership Costs

Private country club communities often have additional home ownership costs, which will vary from club to club. Examples of homeownership costs at private clubs in Rancho Mirage can include:

  • Exterior paint – After how many years is repainting required?
  • Exterior pest control – How often are routine pest control procedures required?
  • Insurance – Does the club require fire, liability, and earthquake insurance policies?
  • Landscaping – Are you responsible for maintaining your lawn? Common areas?
  • Maintenance – What replacements are covered? What is up to you to replace?
  • Reserves – Payments made into an administrative account to cover scheduled renovations or upgrades. For example, if a household appliance needs to be replaced every five years, the reserves fee can collect one-fifth of the amount for five years to budget the replacement.
  • Assessment fee – If there is not enough capital in reserve to cover a renovation, a single fee can be charged to all members.

Most country clubs prefer to keep membership costs separate from homeownership costs. It is important to check what is included with your Homeowners’ Association (HOA) dues. For example, do HOA fees cover roof maintenance? Are reserve fees included with monthly HOA fees, or billed separately?

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What Determines the True Value of a Golf Course Home in Rancho Mirage?

From a club’s reputation to its household features, each of the following contribute to the value of a golf course property in Rancho Mirage:  

  • Club reputation – Ultra-exclusive clubs and those with high-profile courses will generally have higher membership dues and higher home prices to match. 
  • Location on the course – Certain areas on the course are quieter and more desirable when choosing the best home in a golf community.
  • Construction date – A newly-constructed home will cost more than older houses.
  • Home size – The number of floors, bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces, and balconies will all factor into the listing price of a house for sale.
  • Views – Spectacular views of mountain scenery, waterways, and greeneries will increase prices.
  • Features – Golf course homes often have additional features, like putting greens, that add value.


How to Find the Best Country Club Homes in Rancho Mirage

To determine the true cost of a golf property in a private country club community, you must first learn about the types of memberships offered, and the fees associated with each. Next, you’ll want to tour homes and consider the features that matter most to you. You’ll also need to visit each club on your list, play a round of golf, explore the amenities, and meet members. All of this will help you decide on the right club—and where you’ll feel most at home.

The best place to start? Download our free Membership Discovery Guide, a complete resource for golfers looking to find the perfect golf lifestyle in Rancho Mirage.




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